Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Collaborating with Industry specialists we use our trusted partners to provide high quality HVAC systems across the UK

Commercial Heating

Maintaining a comfortable business environment now is expected from every business, heating systems play a crucial role in achieving this. At PPVS we understand this and collaborate with you to provide commercial heating systems that are effective, efficient and will save you money on repair and energy costs.

At PPVS we are proud to work with partnered companies to provide commercial heating services. We specialise in boiler services, Heating Installations and Pipe work for our commercial customers across multiple Industry sectors. We base our work on trust operating with complete transparency so you can feel confident the service being provided is bespoke, high quality and competitively priced.

In the commercial environment it is important to be reactive to heating issues to ensure you business doesn’t experience disruption impacting potential profit and incurring costs. With one call to our central team we can support with reactive heating issues ensuring your business can get back to operating normally.


Ventilation systems are crucial for a comfortable and productive business environment. Without correct ventilation and air flow, your employee’s health can be at risk. Working with PPVS can help ensure your premises air quality is of the highest standard.

At PPVS we provide commercial clients with simple static systems to more complex mechanical systems. We work collaboratively with you to understand your needs providing a bespoke and efficient ventilation solution.

Ventilation Projects

As well as keeping a constant flow of fresh air you may need extraction equipment to help remove smells, fumes and gasses. Our contractors can help design and install systems for factories and workshops to maintain a pleasant and safe working environment.

Air Conditioning

Our team provides highly skilled professionals for installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning units for commercial clients across multiple Industry sectors. Our experience in commercial air- cooling systems helps us provide the best solution for your business. We service, maintain and install all types of air conditioning units; these include large multi splits, single split systems and VRV/VRF systems.

At PPVS we understand the importance of a controlled environment with it being a necessity in some sectors with specialist equipment and perishable goods such as food manufacturing. Working with our partners we can find the right solution for you whether it’s a wall mounted air conditioning unit, bespoke systems tailored to your office or manufacturing facilities.

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