Biometric Security

What is Biometric Security?

Biometric Security systems measure the unique characteristics of each individual. They provide an extremely secure solution reducing the chances of fraud. Biometric security examples include; fingerprints scanners, iris and retina scans, face recognition, palm print devices, palm veins, hand geometry and many more.

Here at PPVS, we use our extensive knowledge to provide bespoke solutions, ensuring our systems create a safer business, property, or home for you.

We follow the law on biometrics to ensure your property is as secure as it can be.

Our team are fully aware of the ‘Laws of Biometrics’, so you can trust our Biometric security methods to be up to date and fully aligned with the latest laws and legislation. We want you to feel confident in our work. Our professionals pride themselves on going above and beyond any expectations you have for our installations.

If you have any questions or queries about Biometric security or any other security speak to our professionals

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