The benefits of CCTV have significantly improved over the past few years, in both the commercial and domestic environment. We are proud to say our engineers have been installing CCTV systems since 1998 and have received extremely positive feedback for the safety and security within workplaces and homes throughout Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, the Midlands and London.

By having PPVS install your commercial CCTV cameras, you are working towards a safer, more secure workplace. Not to mention its essential prevention against vandalism, intrusion and just as important – Health and Safety within the workplace. Over the years, we have installed various types of CCTV Systems. With these systems, we have saved our clients thousands of pounds in ‘fraudulent health claims’ and ‘damage to business’ premises.

We install the latest  CCTV systems. Our cameras installed range from 2MP to 8MP 4K to give optimum quality, this means they have crystal clear footage, so you’d be able to decipher who is who, and the motion will be much more fluid. From static Dome cameras to Infrared/Night Vision you can remotely access our CCTV cameras on compatible devices so you can keep a watchful eye on what’s going on when you are away from work or home. This is made possible through remote access software which is enabled when you have a 3G, 4G or WiFi connection.

Not only can our skilled team fit market-leading CCTV systems, we also work collaboratively with you to transform old CCTV systems bringing them up to today’s high-quality standards.

Our team of experienced engineers have collectively over 60 years of experience in commercial CCTVs installations, so you know you are in safe hands with the highest quality technical knowledge and support.

Our Range of CCTV Cameras:

  • IP Cameras & HD
  • Number plate recognition
  • 360°
  • Covert
  • Night Vision

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